Website Auditing Service

Are you preparing to migrate your website or about to re-design your website? Don’t risk your search rankings. Call me today for no obligation quote.

Are you a large enterprise preparing to overhaul your website or migrate to a new platform? A proper website migration requires careful planning and execution to avoid catastrophic losses in organic search traffic and rankings.

Simply recreating your existing site on a new platform is a recipe for disaster. You need an in-depth audit to identify all potential migration risks and opportunities for improvement. This is your chance to modernise your digital presence, create a superior user experience, and overtake your competition in the search results.

My comprehensive website migration audits provide the scale and depth of analysis required for large, complex sites. I will thoroughly examine your current website’s architecture, content, technical SEO, and more to develop a customized migration plan.

This includes:

Unmatched Scale & Depth

  • Automated crawling of your entire site
  • Analysis of millions of pages, images, and files
  • Review of structured data,
  • XML sitemaps, redirects, and more

Competitive Intelligence

  • In-depth audits of your top competitors’ websites
  • Gap analysis to identify areas to outperform them
  • Recommendations to surpass competitors in search visibility

Preservation of Search Rankings

  • Identification of pages/keywords driving high organic traffic
  • 301 redirect mapping to maintain equity after migration
  • Retention of your current strong search position

Don’t let a website relaunch set you back years in organic search. Our unparalleled migration audits are the only way to preserve – and improve – your existing search visibility and rankings.

Reach out today to discuss an audit for your upcoming migration project!